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Do alternative shopping behind the imperial ruins: “Avanguardia 105”

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Did you arrive in Rome with the idea of ​​shopping at Zara or H&M? Well, you could also avoid keeping your free space in your suitcase. Also: what is the point of paying Ryan’s fee for oversized baggage when the same clothes are available in your city?

Instead: if you are looking for something original while visiting the imperial ruins, turn the right corner. Just behind the Roman forum there is a narrow cobbled street, via della Madonna dei Monti. At 105, right at the beginning, there is “Avanguardia 105”. It is a “contemporary research boutique”. The owner is Clara and the selection of items of clothing for sale reflects her style and personality.

The concept of the boutique is revealed as soon as you step inside. Indeed, even before, looking at the window. The goal is to make the difference. Do not follow the fashions of the moment, the colors, the trends. But anticipate what will be.

Accessories are among the most appreciated items by customers, because, explains Clara, “they are unique pieces”. The bags are handmade and are worked with advanced leathers of the great luxury brands. “The shoes are designed by me” and are made by hand, in Italy, with real leather. Among the models there are sandals and ballerinas. The latter are made with heel 3, 4.5 and soon 6.5. “They are comfortable and practical, designed for a contemporary and dynamic woman”.

Avanguardia 105
Via Madonna dei Monti, 105, Roma


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