NIGHTLIFE update: this 6 places are very HOT in Rome

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Che si fa stasera? (What are you doing tonight?). In the summer, every local who remains in the city asks himself this question. And the answer is always boh! (I don’t know). I recommend these places for diving in the groove of the roman nightlife, avoiding fake suggestions “Dolce Vita style” and other monnezza, bull shit. Check the links for addresses and more info.
The places I will suggest are not all in the ancient town. You will need a taxi or an Uber to reach them. But it’s worth it. In the eastern-side there is Pietralata, it is a restored former industrial district and almost all converted to the entertainment industry.
Here has just opened Aria, a rooftop with a swimming pool. It is a place to discover.
Not far from the Colosseum, there is the Sanctuary Luxury Retreat. A place with an ethnic taste and totally decontextualized compared to the surrounding area. There is the wellness area, the restaurant and the bar. I recommend the bar. After 10pm.
Behind Villa Borghese there is the Satyrus bar, a temporary bar much loved by the locals. But the heart of the young people of the place also beats for the Tree bar, a cocktail bar set in the gardens of the Flaminio district. We are at the gates of northern Rome.
The Tram Depot is instead in the Testaccio / Aventino area. It’s a Tram-shaped bar where they prepare good drinks and where you can meet bella gente, pretty people.
Another place that I really like is in Trastevere: Borgo Ripa. This hotel has a verdant garden with outdoor tables, sofas and music. Better to avoid Friday and Saturday.


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