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Spending a day (and a night) in Monti district

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  • Bar Monti. Starting your day with an italian breakfast in this place. Nice espresso (Illy), nice pastry (it looks like, I follow a low-carb diet and I don’t eat pastry).
  • Urbana 47. Good for breakfast (international or italian) and for dine. The place is huge, retrò designed, well frequented by the locals. Nice pasta and pizza (I’ve never tried it – low-carb diet – my friends say that the dishes are good).
  • Trieste. Small takeaway pizzeria. They cook small pizzas. One is good as a snack. Two for lunch. The fact that the pizzas are small allows you to try different flavors. Cheap prices.
  • Ovidio in Piazzetta. Actually this bar is not called that. It has no name. Ovidio is the owner. He is an institution in Piazza Madonna dei Monti, the heart of the neighborhood. In the evening the square is full of locals that meet and drink there. Hey, looking for me, I’m here too.
  • Barzilai. Small restaurant, typical cuisine, I usually take meat. It satisfies me. Good selection of white and red wines. It has only about ten tables, you have to book. Prices not expensive.
  • La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. Excellent roman cuisine, the owners are my friends, they are friendly and kind. I love their tuna tartare, they also cook meat well. Pasta and desserts are very good, my friends say. Fair prices.
  • Alle Carrette. Popular pizzeria. They are famous in Rome for their supplì (rice balls) and frittini in pastella (fried vegetable).
  • Madre. A green lush secret garden, where have dinner in every season, eating pizza, ceviche and drinking a cocktail. You may pay 32 euro for a pizza. But the show is worth the ticket price.
  • Drop. A secret bar on Cavour street. Nice cocktails, designed place, good vibe. A bar for drinking and talking. If you are looking for a crowded club where meeting people, isn’t the right place. Take a look to my review.
  • Black Market Hall. Hidden retreat for locals living in the neighborhood. A series of narrow tunnels lead to the great hall. You can drink pretty well and dining till late. But don’t expect gourmet dishes.
  • Antigallery Piazza degli Zingari is one of the prettiest in the Rione Monti. There is a low wall where you can sit and talk till late at night with your friends or where to kiss your girlfriend. There is a small bar, the Antigallery. Its luck is to be in the right place.
  • The Sanctuary. It’s an urban jungle. An unexpected place, in the heart of Rome, a stone’s throw from the Colosseum. During the day it is a kind of place for freaks who want to meditate, drink herbal teas and seek relaxation. At night it is the realm of electronic music. Here you can even have dinner. Asian-fusion cuisine. The same entrance gives access to the Voodoo bar, kind of more mainstream.
  • Drink Kong. Great attention on the mixology. The bartenders prepare excellent cocktails and it is a pleasure to see them at work. I love their Negroni. I mean, I loved it before I became an almost abstemious person. They also cook. Not the carbonara, but Asian dishes.
  • Pasta Chef. A small place. Meals are taken away or eaten on stools. Not really comfortable. It’s fine as a stop during a daily tour. Very appreciated by the locals, there are always so many people. So, first of all, patience. You line up at the counter to order. Then the owner calls you when your order is ready.


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