Eating PIZZA in Monti district: take a look to this 4 IDEAS

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Flour, tomato, mozzarella, olive oil. It sounds easy, right? But make a good pizza isn’t a gioco da ragazzi, a joke. In the quartiere Monti (Monti district), there are some pizzerias where I usually go.  I suggest Trieste Pizza, an high quality franchising from Abruzzo (Center of Italy).
They cook a piccola pizza (small pizza) that you may eat in four bites. Saporita ed economica, tasty and cheap. A small Margherita (tomato and mozzarella) costs 2,20 euros. It’s okay for a mid-morning snack. O, in the night, for stopping la fame alcolica (alcoholic hunger), on friday and saturday the place is open until 2:45PM. But the place is small and you may wait half an hour to be served.
If you want to sit and relax after your sightseeing, better go somewhere else. Urbana 47 is molto alla moda, a fashionable restaurant loved by the locals. It was recently renovated, now has a vintage look. The owner changed also the menu’s concept. There’s a short list of dishes. If you are waiting for the classic italian food, here you will be deluso (disappointed). Better checking the pizza’s menu. Urbana 47’s pizzaioli cook pizzas in a traditional wood oven. You can feel the difference.
Another typical pizzeria based in Monti district is Alle Carrette. They are famous in Rome for their supplì (rice balls) and frittini in pastella (fried vegetable). Madre is the restaurant where you may pay 32 euro for a pizza! But the show is worth the ticket price 🙂  The estetica (aesthetics) for Italians is as important as the quality of food. Madre is the place where watch and be watched. Do not be surprised if the italian girls look at your bag and shoes. Lo fanno, they do it. Especially if the choice is not appropriate to the situation. Madre has a green lush secret garden (Image), where have dinner in every season, eating pizza, ceviche and drinking a cocktail. An experience to live if your credit card allows!







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