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Kind of romantic things to do in Rome

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Rome is a romantic city, with views able to excite even people with a cuore peloso (hard heart). This little guide is made for lovers, those with no money (i poracci) and those who have a high budget (i farciti). About first category: they don’t need money to enjoy the night view of the Trevi Fountain. Just have to throw a coin in the water making un desiderio, a wish. In alterative, with 3,50 euros they may buy una birretta (a medium beer) and drink sitting on the stones of Monti square. And what about the tramonto (sunset) at Gianicolo hill? When the sun goes down they may limonare come se non ci fosse un domani (kiss each other all night long).

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Have you got a credit card in your pocket? Ok, don’t be a pulciaro, be generous. Dine with your girlfriend at Crab. Raw fish and champagne, few steps out from Colosseum. Warning! Paying alla romana means share the bill. But do it only when you are with your friends. When you’re with a woman, do not be surprised if the waiter brings the bill to the man. He has to pay. It’s called cavalleria, gallantry.

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Have you got a Platinum Visa in your pocket? Fortunello, lucky boy! You’re welcome at ristorante da Pierluigi. Tappeto rosso, red carpet for you! Book a table outside, in the elegant Piazza de Ricci, an open air lounge in the heart of Rome. Order raw fish and white wine. Ok, now is the right time to ask her to marry you: mi vuoi sposare?

Colosseo @sada

Make your amore (love) forever by letting a padlock on the pedestrian bridge in front of the Coliseum. And celebrate this moment with a selfie!

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